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Coastal Style Living

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Coastal Style Living

Coastal style is increasingly becoming more popular than ever because of its versatility. It also has a casual savoir faire feel that will delight home owners. You can add some furnishings that can reflect a coastal theme and will not even possess one definitive style per se. The coastal living room furniture is quite distinctive because of its relaxed profiles. Your home can contain lighter or more exotic finishes. You can even equip it with louvered accents and fabrics, amazing couch pillows to echo a marine life or perhaps a day spent by the beach. It can be inspired by the lifestyles and objects that are linked with the different coastal areas found throughout the world.

You can begin by choosing a coast. You have to know that each one has its own unique flavor and reflecting a particular region and its social trends. A good suggestion would be to focus on only one coast for the room’s interior design. This will greatly play an important role in choosing the color palette. Some good colors would be misty whites, moody grays, marine blues, sandy neutrals and sunshine yellows. Another good color would be the paint-washed blues.

Spend a day by the beach and appreciate the vibrant colors. From this, you can decide on the colors for your home. Choose fabrics that can make you reminisce of the skies, sun, tropical fish, sand, shells and coral reefs. You can choose rich earth tones of fabric or even ones that have vibrant colors.

Your furniture designs will not give you much of a hassle. You can make use of organic materials like the rattan, wicker, and ceramic tiles. You can also make use of art deco mirrors. Choose a mirror that is framed with shells so it will compliment the room. You can even put in a coffee table that has a mystic white color and add in a plant too. Make sure your couch pillows can blend well too.


The Joy of Coastal Living!

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The Joy of Coastal Living!

There is something quite magical about coastal living. Whether you are in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia or the Americas, owning waterfront property is something that most of us seem to aspire to. When we go on vacation, we often choose hotels, villas and cottages by the beach. But why are so many of us enamored by sea views? Just what is it that appeals to us about a rolling ocean and those endless cyan skies?

Many home seekers will gladly trade more than a few extra square feet and a view of the neighbor’s yard, for a smaller place that offers even the slightest glimpse of water. Perhaps it’s part of the pioneering human spirit to long for travel and adventure; the lure of what lies unknown beyond a distance horizon. Maybe the simple sense of comfort and safety one gets from gazing out as the elements battle it out over the waves, is the deciding factor. Some can’t get enough of the calm brilliance of a serene summer seascape, others long for lightening strikes and restless, towering crests. Artists have tried to capture the relentless majesty of the ocean for centuries, and generations of painters and photographers have filled gallery walls around the globe with untamed maritime imagery. Whatever reason we choose, sea views have an unquestionable allure.

There seems to be a different vibe too, in coastal towns. Somehow the serene, permanent presence of lapping waves help create a laid back, contemplative and fun attitude to life. Coastal community residents seem to take everything in their stride, and enjoy dining al fresco, playing beach sports, swimming, fishing, beachcombing, and generally promenading along, gently caressed by a subtle sea breeze. From watching the first rays of morning light appear over an east coast horizon, to bathing in the warm glow of a setting sun on a west coast beach, our affinity to the sea seems unshakable.

All around the world, some of the most sought-after and prestigious real estate can be found in prime oceanside locations. A mountain view might be dramatic, a wooded vista may provide a sense of wilderness, but the knowledge that one can step out of one’s home and delight in the sensation of a tide licking gently at our feet, well, that’s simply incomparable.

Among the most desirable coastal locations in the US is sunny California, and hordes of eager property buyers are drawn to The Golden State’s rugged coast all year round. Here they search for cozy cottages in small beach towns, swanky modern condos in vibrant oceanside neighborhoods, and impressive estates in secluded coastal enclaves. Santa Cruz is one such location, and is home to a host of wonderful communities and properties that offer the ultimate seaside lifestyle. From cute beachfront bungalows to breathtaking properties offering ocean views from almost every room, the variety of homes for sale is simply awe inspiring.

With so many amazing homes and stunning locations to explore, it is little wonder that sea view properties remain so popular with such a large number of property seekers. So, next time you’re considering a move, try and imagine living in a home from where you can survey the inherent mysteries of the ocean, accompanied by the peaceful soundtrack supplied by softly breaking waves and cooling onshore breeze.

10 Festive Fall Interior Design Ideas

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Velvet Pumpkin from Timewashed – Coastal Beach Fall Decor


Velvet Pumpkin-Coastal Beach Fall Decor

Sea-Washed Natural Beach Table from Caron’s Beach House


Sea-Washed Natural Beach Table


Fall Home Painted & Distressed Mason Jars


Bondi Beach - Fall Home and Wedding Decor


Fall Beach Decor from House on the Way


fall beach decor from house on the way


My Beach House Decorating for Autumn


Beach House Decorating for Autumn 2012

Starfish Cottage decorations for Autumn


starfish cottage autumn fall decorations


Coastal Star Decor: Fall Decorating


Coastal Star Decor Fall Decorating

Autumn Mantel with Pops of Blue from Domestically Speaking


Autumn Mantel with Pops of Blue

Fall Trends from Our Boat House


Our Boat House Fall Design Trends

Keep it Simple ~ Pumpkins and Starfish


Beach decor fall # pumpkins # fall coastal decorating




A Delicate Touch of Autumn is in the Air

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Foggy days, crisp evenings, dewy mornings and changing leaves of crimson and gold are beginning to be a daily occurrence along the seashore.  A delicate touch of autumn is in the air…


A Touch of Autumn at the Beach

The hot chocolate came out of the pantry this week; which means Autumn decorating is around the corner. Nature and all of its glory are our favorite items to decorate with, so we searched for inspiration and found these wonderful ideas…

Better Homes & Gardens created a garland of Autumn finds. By knotting clusters of fresh leaves and mini pumpkins onto a length of twine they created an instant window swag which we have put on our must-try Autumn decorating list.  You?


A Touch of Autumn Decor

We used Hydrangea leaves as candle and glass coasters all summer long so why not use Fall leaves?  Place your favorite Autumn scented candles in clear jars or candle holders and set them atop real leaves. Silk leaves from the craft store work well too!


A Touch of Autumn Decor


The muted tones of off-white, ivory and gray are combined with pops of color from the corn and leaves in this chic display.  This country cottage decor is Autumn-chic yet light and bright which is perfect for the beach cottage style.


A Touch of Autumn Decor

It’s not always necessary to add traditional “Autumn” decor to your cottage.  The below vignette offers the colors of leaves in Fall yet is elegant, cottage chic and there isn’t a stereotypical “Autumn” decoration in site.


A Touch of Autumn Decor

A wood tray is filled with seashells, rocks, a rusty star and wire basket which all provide beautiful Autumn hues and textures. How delightful! This is exactly the way we love to decorate during Autumn.


A Touch of Autumn Decor at the Beach Cottage

All photos from our Autumn at the Beach” Board on Pinterest

Have you decorated for Autumn yet?

Do you incorporate your beach cottage decorations into your Autumn theme?



Five Rooms with a Nautical Theme

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Five Rooms with a Nautical Theme

Ahoy sailor! Bring out your love for the high seas in the growing trend of nautical themed decorating. Whether is your little boy’s nursery or your bathroom, there are ways to incorporate this classic look anywhere.

The essential colors

nautical room

via Houzz

Red, white, and navy blue are the classic naval colors that you’ll want to use. Don’t forget about your neutrals such as woody browns and canvas creams when you put together your color palette. The great thing is that all these colors almost always go beautiful together with their high contrast bright hues.

Shaping up

nautical bathroom

via Houzz

Ships are known for their round windows. Bring that style into your bathroom with circle mirrors that feel just like a ship’s portholes. Another lovable thing about this bathroom are the lights and amazing cabinets. They really bring in the feeling of being in a ship from the wood to the details in the door knobs

Raise the mast

nautical living room
via Houzz

This living room looks like the wow worthy captain’s cabins of a luxury liner. This room keeps the woodsy feel of a ship to bring together fun and classic. The ceiling looks like an upside down ship and the bar looks you could unfurl a sail and sail away in it! This room also incorporates other nautical essentials such as shop helms and those amazing lights that look like a starry sky.

For the young adventurer

nautical boys bedroom

via Houzz

This room just screams fun. The map for an accent wall brings something great color to the room and has the bonus of being educational. To maximize the continuity of the look, match rugs to bedsheets to accent pieces. The model sailboat really ties it all together into one central theme.

Show it off

nautical man cave with sailboats

via Houzz

Show off your love for sailing with a beautiful display as the backdrop of your ultimate billiards room. To match the theme, keep the walls and ceiling decorated with wood panel as a nod to the wood that ships were made out. Port mirrors and rope banisters on the staircase really make this room look like you’re playing pool at sea without the seasickness.

Material overhaul

nautical distressed wood  room

via Houzz

The nautical style is full of many textures and features a lot of natural fibers. Distressed wood brings a really organic feel. There are many chances to use upcycled pieces such as items made from driftwood or rope.

For more home design inspiration, please go to


Nautical Inspired Living Room!

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Nautical Inspired Living Room!

nautical inspired living room
This nautical inspired living room is fantastic! I especially love the navy and white striped rug and navy colored ottoman.  The room looks very inviting and cozy.

Discovered on Digs Digs!

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Coastal Christmas Ideas

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Coastal Christmas Ideas

Coastal Christmas Decorating Ideas
Coastal decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be extravagant.  It can as simple as the above ideas!!  White starfish, a nice wreath and shells added to dining tables! 

Discovered on Calling It Home!

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Molly Frey’s White Seaside Cottage

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Molly Frey’s White Seaside Cottage

We are such fans of Molly Frey interior design and today’s post is all about Molly and white.  Some find decorating in white to be boring; however we find it soothing, relaxing and less distracting than other colors.  When you have a large amount of natural beauty around your home (such as the ocean, forests, lakes etc.) then a white color palette showcases the exterior beauty of your surrounding instead of competing with it.

Molly Frey Design is a residential design firm specializing in new construction, remodels, kitchens, baths and architectural and interior design. Her work has been featured in lots of decorating magazines such as Traditional Home, New England Home and Better Homes and Gardens. We’re featuring Molly’s Marblehead Cottage interior design with all its beautiful whiteness!




The homes that Molly designs are beautiful, livable spaces that tend to be clean, uncluttered, and casual.  If you like this style of space then you may wish to peruse some of her other interior design work:

Molly Frey Design Portfolio

Molly Frey Design on Houzz

Molly Frey Design Studio Blog

Inspired by Nature: Seashell Hues

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Inspired by Nature: Seashell Hues

Inspired by Nature, isn’t that what coastal living should be about?  We think so!  Our newest series of articles provide color palettes from nature to inspire you when decorating your beach house or cottage.

When many think ” Beach Cottage” the colors blue, white, aqua and green often come to mind; however there are so many color palettes provided by nature that are forgotten about.   We selected Seashell Hues to feature first as they can range from ivory to pink, taupe, lavender, coral and blue…the variations are almost endless.

Use Seashell Palettes for Beach Cottage Decor

Inspired by Nature Seashell Palettes

Inspired by Nature Seashell Palettes for Beach Cottage Decor

Inspired by Nature Seashell Palettes for Beach Cottage Decorating

Photo inspiration gathered from Pinterest!

Luxury Beach Homes in Malibu

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Luxury Beach Homes in Malibu

Okay, we know that we’re huge proponents for simple and casual beach cottages but that doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate big, beautiful, and outstandingly fabulous luxury beach homes too.  We love viewing various architectural designs, interior design work, and gorgeous beach views…We thought you might too.

Ocean Home Magazine featured this four bedroom, six bath Malibu Beach House and it’s divine.  The beach house boasts a full 10,000 sq. ft. of living space and is located on a  landscaped one-acre Malibu Estate Site.  The home sits on a 100 foot elevated bluff with 360° pristine white water, island, and mountain views.  Enjoy the view and visit Ocean Home Magazine for many more luxury home listings.

Malibu beach house

Malibu beach house

Malibu beach house

  >> Marisol ~ Resort-style Living on Malibu’s Rural Western Shore